How Do You Get Cockroaches?

How Do You Get Cockroaches?

Learn How Cockroaches Get in Homes & What to Do About a Cockroach Infestation

A common misconception is that a cockroach infestation will only occur in unkept or dirty houses.

Unfortunately for homeowners (and business owners), cockroach infestations can happen to homes and buildings that are spotless.

Yes, even spotless homes are susceptible and can leave homeowners asking themselves, “How did I get cockroaches?”

Roaches can carry diseases and can even trigger allergies or asthma attacks — in addition to simply giving many of us the heebie-jeebies.

And it’s not just one species of cockroach that people need to worry about, there are quite a few cockroaches found in Florida.

How Did Cockroaches Get in my House?

These pests are very resourceful.

Cockroaches, like the German and brown-banded cockroach, have been known to enter homes by catching a ride on grocery bags, luggage, furniture, and cardboard boxes.

It’s important to inspect these items before bringing them inside, especially packages that were shipped to the house.

Roaches can also use crawl spaces and low-clearance areas as points of entry to access homes.

Multi-family homes, like condos and duplexes, are susceptible to cockroaches using the plumbing between shared walls as a means of traveling.

American cockroaches (also known as the Palmetto bug), for example, will move along pipes to find their way through the building and to a source of food.

Drains can be another favorite entry point for cockroaches. Sewer systems and drainage pipes undergoing repair work could lead to American cockroaches becoming displaced and looking for a new home.

To prevent cockroaches from traveling between shared walls, holes, cracks, and crevices should be sealed. Window screens should be firmly in place and cracks around windows and doors should be sealed.

Where Are Cockroaches Commonly Found?

Since cockroaches are very resourceful, hiding in plain sight comes naturally to the pest.

Understanding an ideal environment and feeding habit for a cockroach will make it easier to identify areas where the pest prefers to hide.

Roaches tend to seek shelter in tight or smaller areas, such as cracks and crevices.

The German cockroach is one of the most common indoor cockroach, especially in warmer or humid climates — like Southwest Florida.

American cockroaches are another cockroach species that is commonly found in Florida even though they prefer cool, damp areas. This makes the basement an ideal area for a cockroach infestation.

Many cockroaches prefer to live near a water source, such as kitchen sinks and bathrooms. Others, like the brown-banded cockroach prefer warmer, drier areas. This roach species is typically found hiding in cabinets, closet shelves, and pantries. It is also possible to find brown-banded cockroaches near electronics and appliances — like televisions and behind the refrigerator.

Cockroaches can essentially flatten their bodies, making it easy for the pest to squeeze into seemingly impossible areas.

To help discourage cockroaches from infesting your home, we encourage homeowners to store food in air-tight containers, use a garbage can with a tight-fitting lid, and to clean dirty dishes daily.

It is also recommended to get rid of corrugated boxes because these can be a favorite spot for some cockroaches.

Cockroach Infestation Signs

Roaches are a nocturnal pest that prefers to travel and feed in the dark.

So, spotting even a single cockroach during the daytime could be an indication of an infestation.

Other cockroach infestation signs include unpleasant odors, fecal droppings that resemble coffee grounds or black pepper, and oval-shaped, brown-colored egg cases also known as oothecae.

How to Handle Cockroach Infestation When DIY Solutions Don’t Work

For many, the initial reaction is to purchase a bug bomb or pesticides online or from a hardware store to handle the infestation.

However, many DIY solutions for cockroaches don’t actually eliminate the infestation. Bug bombs, also known as total-release foggers, release a repellent that makes it seem as though the roaches are gone.

However, the infestation simply moves from one area of the home to another area that the fogger didn’t reach.

It is also virtually impossible for foggers to reach inside cabinets and the nooks we’ve learned cockroaches can squeeze themselves into.

To effectively eliminate a cockroach infestation, working with a pest management professional is the safest decision a homeowner can make.

The licensed technicians at Catseye Pest Control are able to identify the cockroach species and then create a customized solution to effectively eliminate the cockroach infestation.

If you feel your Florida home might have a cockroach infestation, you are urged to contact our pest management professionals.

Acting quickly helps to prevent a larger issue.

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