Mice Infestation Eliminated in Farmington, Connecticut, Home

Mice Infestation Eliminated in Farmington, Connecticut, Home

Significant Mouse Infestation Remedied for New Homeowners with Intense Cleanup, Removal & Cat-Guard Rodent Exclusion Services

Purchasing a new home is a stressful process whether the purchaser is a first-time homebuyer or not.

While moving into a new home and feeling ready to make changes so it feels like your own, it’s possible to discover an issue(s) or unwelcomed visitor(s) that can quickly become a nightmare — especially if the issue is a rodent infestation.  

This is exactly what one couple encountered after purchasing their home situated on 11 acres of land in Farmington, Connecticut, in 2021.

As an interior designer, the wife has an eye for what works in a home and what should be eliminated immediately.

In this case, it was the mice that didn’t belong.

And, as they said in an interview with the New York Times, the couple wasn’t even sure they could live in the house due to the mouse infestation.

This isn’t an ideal situation for any homeowner, let alone for someone who just purchased and moved into a new home.

“The issues that they faced is a reminder why it’s so important to take care of rodents as quickly as possible,” said Catseye Pest Control President Joe Dingwall. “Treatment and damage repairs can become very expensive if it is not done properly or if people wait too long.”

How the Mice Infestation Was Eliminated

To successfully eliminate the rodent infestation, the couple contacted the nuisance wildlife experts at Catseye.

Over the course of 10 trapping visits followed by five days with the Cat-Guard installation crew, Catseye was able to successfully eradicate the infestation — leaving them with peace of mind and a quiet house rid of all the unwanted visitors.

To permanently eliminate the current mice infestation and prevent future infestations, all points of entry used (and potentially used) by the mice had to be sealed.

The points of entry for the mice included:

  • Underneath cedar siding
  • Around bulkhead doors
  • Around the exterior of the brick chimney
  • Around exterior windows
  • Sides of the front doorsteps
  • Around the garage doors
  • Under the roofline drip edge
  • Underneath corner posts

That’s quite a few places for mice to gain access to the interior of the house and garage.

But removing the rodent infestation and eliminating points of entry with Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems is only part of the task.

Catseye wildlife technicians were also tasked with replacing parts of the home and garage that had become damaged due to the mouse infestation.

“During our visit we replaced the damaged and soiled batten insulation with new batten insulation,” Dingwall said. “There was a significant amount of urine and droppings left behind by the mice. The areas had to be HEPA vacuumed and disinfected as well.”

This process allows the Catseye wildlife technicians to safely eliminate the threat of disease or bacteria being left behind by the mice.

What is Cat-Guard?

Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems are a permanent barrier designed to eliminate points of entry that mice, squirrels, bats, and many other nuisance wildlife may use as a way to access a structure.

This service from Catseye is a chemical-free, long-term solution that prevents future infestations.  

Each wildlife exclusion system can be tailored to the unique needs of any home, garage, business office, or any other structure that requires protection — from below-ground to the first floor of the house all the way up to the roof.

Featuring three products, each aspect of Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems has been designed to keep nuisance wildlife outside, without creating an eyesore on the home or office.

Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems consist of:

  • Upper Cat-Guard Wildlife Barrier: From the top of the first-floor windows to the peak of the roof, Upper Cat-Guard shields homes or businesses from nuisance wildlife that may find their way inside through the upper-part of the structure.
  • Lower Cat-Guard Wildlife Barrier: Ensuring there are no openings for critters to make their way into the structure, Lower Cat-Guard protects from the first-floor windows down to the ground.
  • Trench-Guard Wildlife Barrier: Acting as an underground barrier, Trench-Guard ensures that low-clearance areas like decks or sheds are protected against nuisance wildlife.

Our mission is to protect your home and loved ones from the dangers of rodent infestations, as many of these critters tend to carry harmful bacteria and germs.

Mice, raccoons, rats, and many others can also cause significant damage to a structure. While others — like groundhogs, burrow beneath the structure leaving it structurally unsound.

This situation is all too familiar for our clients, as much of the home needed repairs after the mice infestation was dealt with — including brand-new insulation.

For this situation, the Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems were tailored to seal quite a few areas, including:

  • Under the siding with metal
  • Around the brick chimney
  • Flashing on the roof
  • Under the roofline trim boards on gable ends
  • Thresholds

Additionally, garage door gaskets were replaced, small gaps on the upper portion of the home were sealed with silicone, and areas inside the garage were also sealed.

And exclusion is only part of the solution, a total cleanup is an essential step in the process as well.

Catseye technicians also facilitate removing the mice or other critter from the structure, in addition to removing the nests and debris left behind by the rodent.

A thorough cleaning of the affected area — and surrounding areas, is essential as it can help prevent further damage to the property or cause potential harm to loved ones.

A trained and certified Catseye technician will remove damaged insulation, clean and disinfect areas impacted by droppings or urine, remove nests, and install new insulation.

Prevent Infestations in Your Home or Business

The Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems are a long-term solution designed with your peace and wellbeing in mind.

Whether it’s a skunk, snakes, or a family of birds, Catseye will create a customized solution to eliminate the infestation and prevent it from happening again in the future.

To eliminate a rodent infestation of any kind, it’s essential to contact the experts at Catseye today.

A Catseye technician will visit the property to assess the situation and create a customized plan suited to the infestation and the structure.

After Cat-Guard has been installed, you will be left with peace of mind knowing that the property is secure, and that wildlife is being kept outside.

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