The Process of Commercial Disinfection Services for Offices & Businesses

The Process of Commercial Disinfection Services for Offices & Businesses

A Look into How Commercial-Grade Disinfection Services Work for Your Business

Building owners, property managers, and business operators are responsible for making important decisions to keep their employees and/or residents safe, and their offices and facilities clean.

To do that, businesses are hiring professional disinfection crews to help combat the novel coronavirus, among other harmful bacteria and pathogens that can cause viruses.

Current evidence shows that COVID-19 is primarily transmitted through droplets that contain the virus. Meaning, the virus can be inhaled. But these droplets can also land on surfaces.

Depending on the surface or object material, the virus can survive for approximately 72 hours. Consider the number of objects and furniture in your business and how frequently they encounter employees and customers.

As of right now, there is no vaccine for the virus. So, if someone contracts the virus, it can be quite serious, or even deadly. The infected person can also spread the virus further to their homes and loved ones.

Disinfecting surface areas like doorknobs, desks, phones, and other areas around the business can help protect your staff, customers, and yourself.

When Technicians are at Your Office Space or Facility

Waiting until the restrictions are lifted to have your facility or office disinfected could put your business behind schedule. It can also put your staff at risk of contracting the virus.

The best time to disinfect your building is when it is empty. Catseye Pest Control technicians will schedule a time that is most convenient for you and your business and can access each area of the building without being in the way of your staff or other occupants.

Even if your business is essential and still operating at this time, Catseye can work with your schedule while also practicing safe social distancing.

Keeping your business, employees, and customers safe during a pandemic is our number one priority.

Using EPA-registered disinfectants and materials we can disinfect desks, door handles, breakrooms, and other areas, we can disinfect the entire building.

Is the Commercial-Grade Disinfectant Safe?

Catseye’s commercial-grade disinfectant is EPA-regulated, making it safe for people and animals. It also leaves behind a clean scent rather than a chemical scent people associate with disinfecting.

Depending on the material and surface area, the disinfectant takes approximately an hour and a half to dry. Your business will be up and running again before you know it!

Our disinfectant services can help defend against harmful viruses that can lead to diseases like histoplasmosis, leptospirosis, coronavirus including COVID-19, and many more.

It’s worth noting, a disinfected facility can become infected again if a sick person, or people, enters the premises.

In an ideal situation, a sick person will stay home from work. But sometimes that isn’t feasible. This is especially true when viruses like COVID-19 can take upwards of two weeks to appear.

Schedule Disinfection Services

As it stands, it’s unclear when the current pandemic will end (as of May 2020). Because of this, business owners might feel uncertain about scheduling disinfection services.

This is no reason to wait to act and get quality disinfection services to your property or business.

Time is of the essence.

Putting our technician’s knowledge and equipment to work allows Catseye to provide disinfection services to commercial buildings, grocery stores, fire stations, and so many other commercial facilities.

Whether your business is essential and currently operating as normal, closed to the public, or waiting for the restriction to be lifted, it will benefit from professional disinfection services.

To stay ahead of the pandemic and prepare your office, restaurant, or other professional space to reopen in the future, you should schedule your COVID-19 disinfection service now.

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