Catseye Pest Control Makes PCT’s Top 100 List of Best Pest Companies in 2021

Catseye Pest Control Makes PCT’s Top 100 List of Best Pest Companies in 2021

Learn How Consistent Performance & Quality Customer Service Made Catseye Pest Control One of the Best Pest Control Companies in the Country

Each year, Pest Control Technology Magazine (PCT) releases its ranking of the 100 best pest control companies in the country, known as PCT’s Top 100 List.  

PCT Magazine is the leading business-to-business publication for the structural pest control industry in both the United States and Canada.

Currently, there are over 25,000 pest control businesses in the U.S. alone, so making PCT’s Top 100 List is not only incredibly competitive but also impressive.

Now, in PCT’s 20th year since issuing the first ranking in 2002, the magazine has awarded Catseye Pest Control an esteemed spot in PCT’s 2021 Top 100 List.

This honor speaks to Catseye’s immense growth as a brand and company since the business’ founding in 1987.

Placing in PCT’s 2021 Top 100 List showcases Catseye’s ability to evolve and deliver the high-quality services clients have come to know and expect. 

In the wake of receiving this award, Catseye Pest Control President Joe Dingwall reflects back on the successes of the company and how the staff rose to the occasion during the pandemic in order to be considered one of the best pest control companies in the country.

“Throughout the pandemic, our staff have found creative ways to respond to the needs of our clients. By coming up with new, inventive methods, we’ve maintained our high standards while also prioritizing the safety of our customers and ourselves,” Dingwall said.

Catseye Pest Control’s PCT Top 100-Worthy Customer Service Policy

What truly sets Catseye apart from other companies in the industry is the dedication to offering personalized customer service to each client, ensuring their individual needs have been met.

In accordance with the company’s customer service policy, no matter the type of pest, nuisance wildlife, or service, each client receives a free inspection by a licensed pest control expert.

Once the property is assessed, a customized plan is made to target the issue and stymie any chance of recurrence.

Clients who have been enrolled in the year-round Platinum Home Protection Program are guaranteed a full refund if the technician’s work didn’t live up to expectations. This guarantee attests to the company’s dedication in providing the best solutions and services to all clients.

Thanks to this risk-free service, clients who choose Catseye can feel rest assured that the trained and knowledgeable technicians will work to regain control of the property and help restore peace of mind.

Moreover, clients who desire environmentally friendly solutions can enroll in Catseye’s pest prevention programs, such as Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems, which use non-toxic barriers rather than chemicals to control wildlife infestations.

And unlike the competition, our clients receive their own customer service representative, which makes communication easy, personable, and efficient.

Clients are also given an online account, adding another layer of convenience many of us desire during our busy days.

Through these online accounts, customers can make payments and receive important information like service schedules, updates, and reports on all assignments.

Additionally, a service scan system is installed on the property. Through the Catseye Service Scan System, clients are able to see who serviced the affected area and when.

All information is recorded and automatically uploaded to the client’s account. This added step ensures that the client remains aware of what’s going on, in addition to how the property is being treated.

By communicating and establishing trust with clients, Catseye has been able to create a community built on customer satisfaction and employee interest.

How Catseye Pest Control Acted as An Essential Service During COVID-19

Catseye has ranked multiple times throughout the past decade on the PCT Top 100 List. This accomplishment speaks as a testament to the company’s ability to adapt and develop.

Due to social-distance protocols and stay-at-home orders, businesses faced uncertainty throughout 2020.

But Catseye continued to thrive as technicians worked tirelessly to help ease the minds of business owners and employees.

With the spread of COVID-19, the need to feel at ease and create a safe environment was of the utmost importance.

To do so, Catseye technicians used the ViralGuard service, an advanced disinfecting service that utilizes a disinfectant registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for commercial properties.

This service expands upon the commercial disinfection services by tailoring it to combat SARS-CoV-2, the bacteria responsible for COVID-19.

ViralGuard also protects against other viruses, including E. coli and avian influenza.

Through ViralGuard’s in-depth sanitation treatments using EPA-registered disinfectants, Catseye has been able to help essential services, such as police stations, function safely.

Catseye Pest Control technician wearing fully encapsulated PPE disinfecting a black and white police SUV

These services have also been beneficial for businesses throughout a variety of industries — including hospitality and education.

And, for interior pest preventative services like Cat-Guard, Catseye has found creative ways to limit contact — allowing clients and technicians to remain socially distanced.

Through these solutions, clients have been able to receive regular maintenance and service checkups safely.

Providing high-quality customer service is paramount. It’s about more than maintaining a position on the PCT Top 100 list. It’s also about ensuring peace of mind for everyone our technicians work with.

What Makes Catseye A PCT Top 100 Company?

To be considered a PCT Top 100 company, a pest control firm must display stellar management and business practices.

After being in the industry for over 30 years, elite leadership, customer service, and quality pest control management have become second nature.

But ranking in the 2021 Top 100 List is a particularly noteworthy honor.

“We’ve reached the PCT Top 100 while only being in the New England market for four years. Considering the timeline, that’s a significant accomplishment,” Dingwall said.

But it’s not the accolades that drive the staff.

Rather, this year’s honor attests to the consistent service based on the core values of communication, caring, understanding, and trust.

“It’s the ability to be flexible in order to meet the needs of our customers, community, and employees that are key factors to our growth as a company,” explained Dingwall.

“We’ve developed specialized disinfection services, like ViralGuard and limited the frequency of our interior pest control services with Cat-Guard. All of these adjustments we’ve made out of respect and concern for our staff and clients,” he continued.

The awards serve as recognition for the tremendous efforts that have been put in place to improve services for customers and employees alike.

Receive Professional Pest, Wildlife & Disinfection Services  

Whether it’s a business, facility, or residence, ensuring customers feel at ease in their own space is our top priority.

Each of our services can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the property to ensure the situation is handled properly — whether it’s our disinfection services or the removal of a nuisance wildlife critter.

To learn more about how Catseye can service your property, contact us today.

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